Paediatric and Adolescent Nutrition


It’s no secret that diet has a huge impact on the child’s well-being, and this accentuates if the child is living with Type 1 diabetes. To assure a smooth journey for a child who is on life-long life-saving insulin.

Our team of Dietitians who are also certified Diabetes educators at Karnataka Institute of Endocrinology and Research lays the foundation in providing nutritional services and education.

Our Services:

We ensure that MNT, Motivational Interviewing and realistic goal setting help the child realize how dietary and lifestyle choices impact overall health. Our team actively organizes and participates in various health camps and awareness programs like world diabetes day, dietetics day in order to create more awareness and bring out interactions among the children and parents by empowering them. In order to achieve all of these the Dietitians, Pediatric endocrinologist congregate with child and family in a closed loop and work towards ensuring a total nutrition care and support.